Together we stand, Divided we fall.

  It saddens my heart when some people turn to lash out at their fellow men – judging them through the prism of social, cultural or economic differences. People think they are better because of their color, economical status, political position and interestingly even religious knowledge. But they harbour illusions, they live a life of arrogance […]

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Compassion For Kashmir❤

  In the great Himalayan range Where they say is the heaven on earth Played the nature a game so strange Which none had seen from the time of birth. With the breaking of dawn, Came that morning which the people would never forget They watched with terrified eyes, the submerging of their lawn Helpless, […]

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Status of Mother in islam

This is one of the most convincing things about Islam – the treatment of women in general and especially the high position mothers hold in Islam. Amongst the clearest examples of Islam’s honoring women is the great status of the mother in Islam. Islam commands kindness, respect and obedience to parents and specifically emphasizes and […]

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My Guide To Happiness

The most important means of happiness and the foundation of all felicity is to have sound belief and perform righteous deeds. It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are that makes you happy or unhappy . It is what you think about, what goals you set and what you intend […]

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I’m Okay

I’m low, but i’m alive, you don’t worry, i’m okay! I’m breathing, I wil survive, dear don’t worry i’m okay! I’m strong, I won’t cry. On my silence, I rely. Im smiling, I’m okay! I’m just fighting, these feelings won’t die, I’m not showing, I’m too shy, my heart is beating I’m okay! im so […]

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Not once, Many times.

My life is mine, my dreams that always shine, still my heart was shattered, not once, many times. Lost in the deep dark ocean, my eyes looking for light, still my sight was deceived, not once, many times. Filled with joy, the things i long for, my own world, yet so far. Still it was […]

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