That feeling when you’re tired of everything tired of every single thing. They say to be the best you must handle the worst, you must get hurt in order to grow, get hurt to learn from your mistakes, when your tired of being sorry for people simply they don’t deserve, for only remembering their memories and wishing you didn’t even met them, when people always understands you wrong, totally wrong and not giving you a chance to say what you feel, when you’re sick from crying and tears that never stops, when you feel that tired in point your tears never comes down from that hardest pain, when you fall down just from CRYING calling your God to heal the pain.

When you promise yourself you’ll never cry and you come back all over again crying just because people love to see you that way. when you’re still promising yourself you’ll never cry.. But you’re just doing the way people LOVE to see you at, when you always ask yourself why NOT ME, why not me being happy?, why not me like that people love to see other people dying from crying, why not me not forgetting, or forgiving, why ALWAYS me crying, hurt, and left unspoken. When it always starts in a way a person can make you feel special and suddenly leaves you hanging, and what all you do is to pretend you don’t care at all,just being strong with tears in your eyes and be in silence, SILENCE, JUST SILENCE…

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