Loneliness isn’t being alone. That’s solitude. It’s feeling alone. It’s is one of our greatest dreads. Most of us have felt it. Most of us have feared it. Yeah there’s a time when you’re enough alone and feel like no one cares. Yes, maybe you’re just waiting for that person you want to share your life with. But sometimes No matter how many people surround you your loneliness can’t be shared, or halved, or defeated and you just can’t figure out why?.

It amazes me how loneliness can still find a way into your head when you are the happiest you can be. Even though you have your best friends with you at all times, loneliness can still lightly tug at the pit of your stomach. Sometimes it eats you up inside. It’s like you are only one out there and that no one will ever try to know and understand you. When the only emotion you feel is loneliness. You can’t help but think something is wrong with you cause no one wants to be with you. You feel barren, desolate. Nowhere to turn, no happy thoughts, no beautiful memories, nothing to hope for nothing to look forward to. It’s an experience that makes you feel like you’re nothing. When no one is willing to see you, for your flaws, for anything that makes you who you are, it’s like an eraser. Bit by bit you begin to fade away and lose yourself.

Truth is it’s ok to feel lonely and shattered. You should learn to cope with loneliness. It’s your friend. Truthfully, you’ve always been on your own. The more you learn about what makes you feel so lonely, the more possible to find solutions. Remember, it is not a sign of weakness to be lonely. Actually You are never truly alone. You have the you in the flesh, the you who tells you right from wrong, and the you who you want to become and will become.

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