What Is Your Story?


Of the billions of people that fill the earth, each lives a unique life.  So I keep wondering why people are the way they are. Why are they good or bad? Why they have the jobs they have? What’s the reason behind the smile or frown that is across their face? Why are they poor or rich. Even while walking through a crowd, I find myself wondering about complete strangers lives. I can catch myself questioning what makes them who they are? What things have led them to be in the place they are?

Everyone has their story to tell and sometimes my curiosity leads me to track not only the strangers, but my family and friends that I know so well. And I believe that there is something deeper that we all hide. Our stories remain buried in our hearts and we never let anybody reach them. There are experiences that shape us and thoughts that no one else can comprehend. And there are certain times when we feel like our story is never going to end happily like Hollywood and bollywood movies.

We all have this story. This story filled with adventure, tragedy, happiness, hardships, love, hatred, and so much more. Actually we all feel pain, happiness. No matter where we live, what language we speak, or what we look like. We all just want to live happily. And we have all experienced different things that make us who we are. It’s amazing to know that no two stories are the same. And so many of these stories are worth hearing, contemplating and admiring. So what’s your story?

One thought on “What Is Your Story?

  1. Its an amazing feeling to read that someone has similar thoughts as mine 🙂 I love observing people while travelling or visiting place and everytime I think what can be there story. I try observing there behaviour, attitude, the way they potray themselves and then i try to comprehend their inner personality. What they are, who they are,and why are they that way.

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