Our Generation

bad world

When did it become popular or cool to smoke and drink every day? Why is it that it’s so attractive to have a girl that looks like shes been starving herself or to have a guy/girl who spend their parents money all on clothes they can’t afford? When did it become a trend to mask yourself to fool the people on net and spoil theirs as well as your life just for fun. No respect for parents, religion, teachers and worst of all our generation can’t even differentiate between good and bad. When did it become a fashion for teens to have a smartphone, have you ever tried to notice whats your young little sister/brother doing all alone in their room. 16 and pregnant, a normal thing these days. Love is just a four letter word. But, I guess our generation wont know what real love is because now a days people say “I love you” just to get some and the sad part is most the time it actually works. When did it become so important to spend your nights in the nightclub where women belong to no men and men belong to no women. Our generation is clearly not perfect. I have respect for every single person who’s going through our generation because I know how hard it is to live in a world where you think you don’t fit in.

2 thoughts on “Our Generation

  1. It is not just the young people who think like this , even the older ones do . This is exactly how my ex husband thinks and lives .
    Shaytaan is very busy these days destroying souls that we hand to him on a silver platter.

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