Compassion For Kashmir❤

beautuful kashmir


In the great Himalayan range
Where they say is the heaven on earth
Played the nature a game so strange
Which none had seen from the time of birth.

With the breaking of dawn, Came that morning which the people would never forget
They watched with terrified eyes, the submerging of their lawn
Helpless, they looked at the sky and fret.

None of them knew what was coming,
the greatest of rivers, flowing calmly gaining its might
not knowing, that everything they own & everything they see will be soon out of their sight.

The river flowed mercilessly
Following the command of her lord
While there were many who didn’t flee
Hoping to reunite with the ones lost.

The entire city was swallowed
Bricks and cement lay everywhere
What at once used to be their home was now found to be nowhere.

Prayer and compassion are powerful means
To reach to those who still mourn
Let’s not ignore this as just another news
But help the needy and pray for those yet to be born.

Let’s forget that we are away and far
Instead be by their side
Let’s be like stars in the night sky
Stars that twinkle even in the darkest hour..

~Mudasir Ali, Syed Juweriah~


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