#PrayForSyria To whom do you pray for Syria?

#PrayForSyria Seriously? Do you pray for yourself? Do you seek forgiveness for the sins you commit everyday? Every now and then you lie to your parents, your employer, your friends, your teachers, your clients, everyday you weave the webs of deciet to make your life little more comfortable without thinking of the consequences. You twist the religion to fit your own taste, your social media profiles have become the advertising boards of the devil, you promote & cheer for the things corroding your society, not knowing that the life you live affects the lives of forty more around you. Amid discrete boundaries of good and bad you choose to live a life where God doesn’t exist. To whom do you pray for Syria?

We all will be gathered on the day of judgement to answer for the current situation in Syria. No doubt our hypocrisy and collective incompetence has brought the Muslim world to this dreadful stage. Let’s have an introspection into our lives and pledge to save our societies from falling into a state of disrepair which paves the way for the tyranny.

And remember you just can’t save a society by only praying for it.


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