What is the purpose of this life?

What is the purpose of this life? Money, holidays, a beautiful wife? There is no point in us denying, Each heart beat brings us closer to dying. You’ll breathe your last, Your life will have past. Don’t pretend, Death’s not the end, You will taste death, death never waited, Look around you, everything’s created. It […]

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Quran and General Science

In the name of Allah, the Most Mercifull, the Most Beneficient FINGERPRINTS Al- Quran 75:3- 4 “Does man think that We Cannot assemble his bones? Nay, We are able to put Together in perfect order The very tips of his fingers.” Unbelievers argue regarding resurrection taking place after bones of dead people have disintegrated in […]

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Why should one accept islam?

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. Title: In this pamphet of mine I would try to enlighten the reader about some logical arguments which leads one to accept Islam. Islam is the most practised religion on the face of earth (practising muslims are more than practising Christians/Christian population is more […]

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A call towards faith…

Praise be to Allaah. Among the beauties of Islam is the fact that in this religion there are no intermediaries in the relationship between a person and his Lord. Entering this religion does not involve any special ceremonies or procedures that need to be done in front of any other person, nor does it require […]

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Concept of God in christianity…

Jesus Christ (pbuh) never claimed Divinity One may ask, if both Muslims and Christians love and respect Jesus (pbuh) , where exactly is the parting of ways? The major difference between Islam and Christianity is the Christians’ insistence on the supposed divinity of Christ (pbuh ). A study of the Christian scriptures reveals that Jesus […]

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Shirk (polytheism)

Shirk (Polytheism) Polytheism is a belief in and worship of many deities. Islam considers shirk illogical and totally unacceptable when referring to deity. ” If there were in the heavens and the earth other gods beside Allah, there would be confusions in both (heaven and earth) but glory be to Allah, the Lord of ,the […]

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