Hold On!

There are too many times in our lives when we start to think about us, about the things we do and the places we live in. Questioning our own existence, the thoughts of our past and future begin to creep into our minds. We find it bothersome to be different than others, having lesser to […]

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I wish to be better or never found

Sitting here away from the outside world, i wish to be better or never found. Running away from people, hiding my face. Protecting my heart, trying to avoid a wound. Keeping my head high, guarding my rights. Chasing my dreams, sometimes letting them burn. Still full of flaws, and Looking for peace, with sealed lips […]

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Be yourself..

You were born because you are going to be important to somone. As a invidual you are very unique and you are very important. No one else in the world will be you or be like you. You are you. You are special. Never In a million, years let’s just say never ever will there […]

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