Compassion For Kashmir❤

  In the great Himalayan range Where they say is the heaven on earth Played the nature a game so strange Which none had seen from the time of birth. With the breaking of dawn, Came that morning which the people would never forget They watched with terrified eyes, the submerging of their lawn Helpless, […]

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My Guide To Happiness

The most important means of happiness and the foundation of all felicity is to have sound belief and perform righteous deeds. It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are that makes you happy or unhappy . It is what you think about, what goals you set and what you intend […]

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I’m Okay

I’m low, but i’m alive, you don’t worry, i’m okay! I’m breathing, I wil survive, dear don’t worry i’m okay! I’m strong, I won’t cry. On my silence, I rely. Im smiling, I’m okay! I’m just fighting, these feelings won’t die, I’m not showing, I’m too shy, my heart is beating I’m okay! im so […]

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Not once, Many times.

My life is mine, my dreams that always shine, still my heart was shattered, not once, many times. Lost in the deep dark ocean, my eyes looking for light, still my sight was deceived, not once, many times. Filled with joy, the things i long for, my own world, yet so far. Still it was […]

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Hold On!

There are too many times in our lives when we start to think about us, about the things we do and the places we live in. Questioning our own existence, the thoughts of our past and future begin to creep into our minds. We find it bothersome to be different than others, having lesser to […]

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The Forgotten

Have you ever thought about how many people you have talked to, walked with or shared your clocks with. I’m not talking about only your friends, family members and college mates. Im talking about all the people that once were a part of your life even if they were there just for a moment; people […]

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The sooner those hooked onto pornography give it up the sooner they can develop a link with their Creator. Those addicted to porn lose respect of the opposite sex & begin to believe that others are as dirty as they are. Pornography quickly becomes an addiction that would require rehabilitation just like other addictions. It […]

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