Not once, Many times.

My life is mine, my dreams that always shine, still my heart was shattered, not once, many times. Lost in the deep dark ocean, my eyes looking for light, still my sight was deceived, not once, many times. Filled with joy, the things i long for, my own world, yet so far. Still it was […]

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I wish to be better or never found

Sitting here away from the outside world, i wish to be better or never found. Running away from people, hiding my face. Protecting my heart, trying to avoid a wound. Keeping my head high, guarding my rights. Chasing my dreams, sometimes letting them burn. Still full of flaws, and Looking for peace, with sealed lips […]

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Loneliness isn’t being alone. That’s solitude. It’s feeling alone. It’s is one of our greatest dreads. Most of us have felt it. Most of us have feared it. Yeah there’s a time when you’re enough alone and feel like no one cares. Yes, maybe you’re just waiting for that person you want to share your […]

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That feeling when you’re tired of everything tired of every single thing. They say to be the best you must handle the worst, you must get hurt in order to grow, get hurt to learn from your mistakes, when your tired of being sorry for people simply they don’t deserve, for only remembering their memories […]

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We’re still young….

Do you know that feeling when it just seems like your world around yu is crashing down? And yu feel lost, lonely, and as if happiness is not destined for yu.  And do yu know that feeling where yu just want to run and hide crying…just giving up on life? Just remember that you’re still […]

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